Thursday, March 13, 2014

POST #13- Once in a while

It is still dark when I pull into the school parking lot at 6:30. Although the staff at my school tends to be a bunch of early birds, this morning, there are only a couple of people there before me- the office manager Judy, Marcy, who manages the lunchroom, and Angel, the assistant Facility Manager.

I turn off the car and start to climb out.

But I can't. The weeks of testing get harder to swallow every year and this has been an energy draining, soul sucking week.  The issues with my mom have been so hard. The constant worry about my boys, even though I know I am not supposed to worry about anything, have been so hard. I am so tired.

I climb back into the car. I need a treat.

Now I should insert here, I'm a single mom with two kids in college. I have to be super, super super careful with money. There isn't a lot of room for treats. In fact, most of the time, there's none. Most days I fill up my little red coffee cup at home and carry it with me to school. And it's fine.

But once in a while, a gal just needs a treat.

I head for Common Grounds, the neighborhood coffee house.

I buy myself a large coffee, with room for cream. Dump in a packet of the brown kind of sugar. Snap on a lid and head back to school in time for a 7:00 meeting.

Somehow, the boilers in the school did not get turned on this morning and the building is cold.

I am not.

I breathe in the rich coffee smell.

I hold the warm cup in my hands and then let that warmth slide down to my innards as I sip.

It tastes so good.

Once in while, a gal just needs a treat.


nf said...

Good for you, it sounds like that treat made all the difference in the way you approached your day. Funny how something as simple as a coffee is now considered a Treat! I really appreciate the contrast between long and short sentences in this post.

Debbie L said...

You are so right! When things just aren't right in my life, I set up things to look forward to. I often do things that don't cost any money, being in the same boat as you. It's just nice to have that. So glad you got your treat!

Tara said...

So awesome that you made the decision to get that treat. Sometimes, that's all it takes to turn around a day...especially a testing day.

Suzanne Gibbs said...

Coffee can be exactly perfect treat! I hope you found peace in your day and and ability to have hope in your situation. Wonderful post!

Carrie H said...

I could really identify with this. I think sometimes we each need that special something to perk us up. My treat is usually coffee too, I think coffee is the elixir of life.

Linda B said...

It's a nice thing to start you on your way, especially when you know the day is not going to be so great with all the testing. I'm glad you climbed back into the car, Carol!

Unknown said...

So very true -- sometimes we just need a treat! In can make all the difference in a day, especially when we're waging battles in our head. Glad you stayed warm inside and out today!