Monday, March 3, 2014

Slice #3/31

I'm late slicing tonight. I'm late because I was at a meeting until just a few minutes ago. A meeting where the average age of attendees was probably about 25. And then there was me. 55. Double the age of everyone else in the room. Old enough to be everyone's mother. Probably even old enough to be the grandmother of some.

Maybe I should back up and begin at the beginning. When I was in high school. I was involved in a Christian ministry called Young Life. The ministry had a powerful impact on my life. I attended weekly meetings, went to winter and summer camps, and eventually, worked at their summer camps. When I graduated from college, I became a Young Life leader. Again I attended weekly meetings, winter camps, and even drove a vanload of 14 teenagers all the way to Canada one summer.

As much as I love Young Life, I pretty much thought that chapter of my life was over. I still helped raise money and attended special events, but I thought I was past the point of being a leader.

Until this year. I work at a K-8 school. That has Young Life. That needed teacher leaders. I attended a couple of organizational meetings and felt myself being sucked in.

Seriously God? Seriously? You want me to be a Young Life leader again?


But God, I'm way too old to be a Young Life leader. Do you see all this gray hair? I'm too old to be a Young Life leader.


But God, Young Life leaders go to camp with kids. They have mud wars and play wild games and stay up all night. I wasn't great at all those games and stuff the first time around. I don't want to do it gain.

I want you to try it, Carol.

This conversation went on for several weeks. OK, maybe even a couple of months.

And finally I gave in.

And went to a meeting where I am easily twice the age of most people in the room.

I don't know the television shows they talk about. Or the bands. I'm not invited when the other leaders hang out with each other.

But I go.

Every other Monday.

And I admire people's engagement pictures.

And their new babies.

And listen to their stories. 

Just waiting to see
what the next surprise
might be.


Alyson Beecher said...

Carol - Sometimes it may not be clear how God will use you, but sometimes showing up and listening is what He wants. May God use you mightily.

Linda B said...

You are kind to go, but I'd like to give you support to back out, too. It may be that this time you don't need to do it. Just sayin'.

Michelle Haseltine said...

Haha! I LOVE this slice. I've so had that conversation myself, "Really? This?? Really?" I can't wait to see what waits you on your journey in Young Life!

Michelle said...

God always has a plan, Carol. Best to listen. :) You are making connections, doing God's work, and who knows what support you may bring to someone. You just never know. Hey, it's keeping you young at heart!