Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I woke up this morning knowing that it was Tuesday.
And knowing that I needed/wanted to slice today.
And knowing, given that it's New Year's Eve, that most people
would probably be writing things that were deep and profound.
I thought about not slicing today.
I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions.
I'm not feeling very deep and profound.

I read some more blogs
and thought about compiling
an end of year photo essay
but I don't have a smart phone
or a working camera
and I almost never take pictures
so a photo essay is kind of out of the realm of possibility

I read some more blogs
and thought about writing a reflection about my reading life
But I'm not good about keeping track of what I have read
And the idea of  choosing my favorite books
just seems too big for right now.
I read a lot of books I loved this year.

I spent two hours looking for my phone
which somehow, last night,
went completely and totally AWOL
in the space of about five minutes.
and has yet to turn up. 
While I looked
I thought about my slice.
And I thought about making a resolution
about not losing things.
But that seemed a little trite.
And I knew I would probably break it by tomorrow.

I went to lunch with a dear friend
we talked for three hours
about teaching
and parenting adult kids
and healing the hearts
of our foster kids.
And I thought about blogging about that.
 But aside from writing about
how blessed I am to have such great friends
I'm not sure what I would write.

I came home and read a few more blogs.
Lots of people, it seems, are writing about their one little word.
At first I wasn't sure I have one.
And I'm embarrassed to admit
that last year, I said
that I wasn't sure about my word
and I was just going to wait.
And I waited.
365 days.

But today, as I read other people's blogs
and as I thought about the last year
I really did choose my word.
My word for 2014 is OPEN.

I just want to be open
I want to be open to new ideas and experiences.
I want to be open to new friends.
I want to be open to new possibilities.
I want to be open to what God is doing in my boys' lives.
Most of all, I want to be open
to hear the voice of the Father.
Lord, teach me what it means to be open this year.


elsie said...

What a great way to find your word! I may be taking some time too, maybe 365 days, to find a word. :-)
I related to many of your thoughts in this post today. I almost didn't write today either, but I did. Glad you did too.

Julieanne said...

l love how you capture the feelings that we (at least I) share .. loosing things, good people, loosing track. I'm so glad you found your OLW... and it is a great one.

writekimwrite said...

That OLW eluded me in 2013, too. One caught me for this new year. While it is a different word than yours many of the hopes are the same. Carol I think of you as open hearted already and look forward to seeing what our Father will do in and through you in 2014. Blessings.

Jone said...

That's a great word. I am still looking for mine for 2014. Have a happy new year, Carol. Many blessings to you.

Jaana said...

I can identify with so many of your points. I would have had to take a class to make a photo essay or video. Your post, however, is so touching and realistic. And then it surprises with its openness at the end! I hope that you will be blessed with hearing our Father's voice and going where it leads you in the coming year. I look forward reading more as the year progresses.

wakeupandwrite said...

What a great way to find your word - writing your way to it.

Linda B said...

I always like the way you frame your posts, Carol. They're often like prose poems to me, and I love prose poems! I'm glad you wrote too. I have tried for 3 years to choose a word, to do the activities, and I just cannot seem to form the habit, so this time, I'm trying something different. I found a book by the Spinelli's called "Today I Will" a collection of quotes, notes & promises to myself. I'm going to read each day's entry. I like the idea, so that book will be my OLW. I love that you found a word that works for you. It is a beauty-being open seems important to me for sure! Now if that phone can only be 'open'! Best wishes!

BK said...

What a perfect word for 2014, OPEN!
Thanks for sharing your day and what was going on in your head.
Happy New Year,

fireflytrails said...

This seems a perfect word for you - you are already open to so many things and people in your life. How exciting to look forward to a year ahead with even more openness - and, no doubt, many blessings! Happy 2014

Tara said...

The search for an OWL takes time...maybe 365 days worth of time, as Elsie suggested. Open seems the perfect choice for you, Carol, especially in the way you framed its presence in your life already. Happy New Year!

Amy Rudd said...

Open seems to fit you! Like you being open one of the ways I'm connecting with you Carol, is that i want to "listen" to the Father! Hope you have many wonderful blessings this year!

Mary Lee said...

I'm doing OLW for the first time this year. Franki took the one I really wanted, but I think I've got one that does the same thing...maybe better. Blog post soon.