Friday, April 15, 2011

Planting the Seeds of Poetry

I had wanted to do a bang up celebration for National Poetry Month. Something really thoughtful. Wonderful. Creative. Special. Pair a poem with a kids' book. Collect five poems around a theme. Gather quotes on poetry. Write a poem every day.

But it just hasn't happened. So instead, I am doing my best to plant the seeds of poetry in the world. I'm working with first and second graders right now. We're "studying" poetry. Reading lots of it. Making poetry posters. Carrying poems in our pockets. Having poetry parties. And maybe best of all, writing poetry.

I am a gardener, nurturing these budding seeds. Loving the way they play with language. Exclaiming over the tools they are trying. Publishing thirty or forty of their poems every night. Wondering if one of these little poets will be the next Langston Hughes or Mary Oliver or Mary Lee Hahn.

Thought I would share a few of their poems…

"My Cat Pumpkin"
by Q

My cat Pumpkin
runs to me.
My cat Pumpkin
hugs my leg.
My cat Pumpkin
can do tricks.
She can climb
I love my cat Pumpkin.

My Turtle
by K
I wish my turtle
wasn't sick
I would be happier
He is at a vet
in a cage
I am going to see him today
I hope he feels better.

"Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring."
by A.
Goodbye Winter.
Hello Spring.
Goodbye snow.
Hello flowers.
Goodbye cold.
Hello warm.
Goodbye Christmas.
Hello Easter.
Goodbye 2010.
Hello 2011.

"Boring Things for Me"
by G.
I get the boring things.
When we went to the store.
I wanted some toys.
My brother got toys.
And I got a coloring book.
I didn't play.
My brother played with his toys.
I didn't even have crayons.

"My Imaginary Dragon"
My imaginary dragon
He runs up and kicks me.
I don't like it.
I'm thinking about selling him
in a yard sale.
He's going to be $5.60.
I can't wait to get rid of him.
He can get really annoying.
I'm going to get a new dragon.
He needs 40 meals a day.
I actually might not want
a new dragon after all.
Dragons stink.

"The Eater"
by L

I am an eater!
vegetable soup,
Pig pork,
Grilled cheese sandwiches,
Frozen broccoli
Hot dogs with catsup and mustard,
Fried chicken.
I am an eater!

"Little Brother"
by J

My brother
always sleeps with me
and he snores at night

Every day when I wake
he is in the living room
and I come
and tickle him.

"Cats, Cats, Cats"
by I.

Cats, cats, cats,
I hate cats.
They make me sneeze
Cats, cats, cats,
I hate cats.
I hate cats.


david elzey said...

i love their declarations! i hate cats! dragons stink! i am an eater! they just put it all out there on the line, don't they?

keep planting those seeds. from those acorns mighty oaks do grow.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I love reading poetry written by children. It's so creative and free from constraints.

Mary Lee said...

Oh, MY!! Me and Langston and Mary O.? I don't think so at all, in any way shape or form...but thanks from the bottom of my heart for saying so!!