Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Over the years, I have written lots and lots of poetry. And right now, for whatever reason, I don't have any words. So I decided that tonight I will share a favorite I wrote a long time ago.

"Confessions of a Reader"

Almost Spring,
A spider
Stakes a claim
On a corner
Of the eight-foot window
In our living room.

Each morning
I admire
Taut guidelines
Tightly placed spokes.
Dancing gown threads,
Architecture unrivalled.

My mother
Would not tolerate
Such slovenly housekeeping.
She would get a broom
And knock down
This errant squatter’s palace.

I do not.

I am waiting for Charlotte
To leave a message.

Carol Wilcox
published in All That Matters: What We Value in School and Beyond.
edited by Linda Rief and Maureen Barbieri
Heinemann, 1995

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Franki said...

One of my favorites of all time! So happy to see it here!