Friday, December 26, 2008


Today I'm celebrating Pat Mora, one of my favorite Hispanic authors and poets. Pat is probably best known for TOMAS AND THE LIBRARY LADY (Sorry- I'm leaving out the accent on Tomas only because I'm on my mom's PC instead of my Apple computer and I don't know how to do accent marks- I will fix it when I get back to Denver and my own computer tomorrow). About a year ago, Pat released YUM! MMMM! QUE RICO!, a collection of haiku about foods indigenious to the Americas. Here's a sample:

Smear nutty butter,
then jelly. Gooey party,
my sandwich and me.

Hoping you get to spend this Friday after Christmas with yummy leftovers, time with family and friends, and good books!

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Mary Lee said...

One of my favorite holiday presents (for Solstice, from the Kachinas) is a jar of butter toffee peanut butter from Naturally Nutty ( in Traverse City, MI). YUM!