Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am a hip and with-it gal! And in case anyone ever doubted that, I've joined TWITTER. I don't quite totally understand it yet, and given that I am one of the only people in America that does not quite have the hang of text messaging, I have my doubts about whether I can actually do it, but some of my online  friends have assured me that we will figure it out together. 

All joking aside, I have long believed that teachers (and probably everyone else) need to learn one new thing each year. I also believe that we as teachers, especially as veteran (not to be confused with old) teachers, need to understand that our students don't learn in the same ways that we did when we were in school, or when we started teaching. I will ALWAYS love books, but I also need to be open to learning how to use technology as a part of my teaching. 

Getting my blog up and running was my challenge for this year. I've posted 90 times, learned how to add graphics and links, served as a CYBILS panelist for intermediate and YA nonfiction, and maybe most importantly, made some great new online friends. I plan to continue my blog in 2009. I also want to develop a website, do more with digital photography (maybe even get my own camera, instead of borrowing my son's all the time!), and now, my latest, learn to twitter. 

If you want to read about some teachers who are several months into TWITTER, check out Franki and Mary Lee's blog.

If you want to follow my tremendously exciting life, my twitter name is carwilc (it's the same as my AOL name, because I can't remember too many things at one time, and K's basketball team is participating in three leagues in January and February, which has just about maxed out my memory card!)

If you are one of the three people that read my blog, I would love to follow you, so email me with your twitter name.

If you want to be hip and with it and start your own twitter account, go here.

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Mary Lee said...

Aren't we ALL hip and with-it? Most importantly, we're having FUN and learning. Remind us all to make sure it's the same for the students in our classrooms!