Friday, November 14, 2008

MODEL- Cheryl Diamond

 MODEL is the memoir of twenty-year-old super model Cheryl Diamond. At age fourteen, Cheryl Diamond moves to New York City to pursue a modeling career. By sixteen, she has "made it." She lives with her cat Tigger in a rundown apartment, going on casting calls, and doing photo shoots and runway shows every day. In her book, Diamond explores the inside workings of the modeling industry- politics/unscrupulous agents, makeup pencils in the eye, and the eating disorders that abound. She seems amazingly savvy for one so young, and somehow manages to stay away from the drinking, drugging, and sex stuff that surrounds her every day. Then her entire career is almost taken by one disastrous mistake. 

This very readable memoir is definitely a book for high school, or possibly mature middle school readers. Although it's far removed from any world I've ever experienced, I found it a really interesting read.

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Unknown said...

I'm about halfway through this right's definitely opening my eyes to an industry about which I virtually know nothing.