Monday, April 30, 2018

Poem #30- "In My Book"

Phew! April Poetry Month is in the books!

"In My Book"

You can …
open a book
balance the books
have your nose in a book
hit the books.

Or perhaps you can…
read the fine print
read between the lines
read into something
read someone's mind
read someone like a book
or occasionally, read someone the Riot Act
(or throw the book at them if necessary).

You can be......
       a closed book
       an open book
       a bookworm
       or book smart

And you can use
every trick in the book
or perhaps the oldest trick in the book
and if it's really good, make it one for the record books.

And now it's time to close the books
on April Poetry Month!

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2018

I found the book and reading expressions here.


Cathy said...

Carol, this made me laugh. I hadn't thought about all the ways we use the word book. I've looked forward to your poems each day this month. You've found so many delightful ways to think about reading. Thank you for making April "one for the books."

Glenda Funk said...

This is a wonderful way to “close the book” on a month of poems about life w/ books. As I read I thought about the old “Hawaii Five-O” and the line “Book ‘em, Dano.” Funny how one thing triggers a different memory.

I’ve loved reading your poems. Thanks for helping me write my book of poetry this April.

Mary Lee said...

Huzzah! A fabulous end to a fabulous month of poems! You've got a collection here, you know!

Jean said...

You did it!!! Marvelous! What beautiful poetry you have created...

Elisabeth Ellington said...

So clever!! I loved the creativity here. And what a wonderful conclusion to your month of poems. Thank you for your poems and your comments on my poems too. I don't think I would have made it through without you, Carol!