Wednesday, April 18, 2018

POEM #18- Reading Confessions

Reading Confessions (tanka wannabe's)

i am a person
known to dive into dumpsters, 
brave busy intersections,
and ford rushing rivers,
in search of reading material

friends always tell me
over easy eggs and fantasy
 are pleasing to the palate
I swear I've tried 'em
both stick in my craw 

each time i promise
i won't do it again, but 
mid book, I can't wait
I leap sixty pages
and peek at the end

(c) Carol Wilcox, 2018


Ramona said...

I can so identify with the 1st tanka. Over easy eggs and fantasy are both pleasing to me, but skipping to the end before you get there. I've NEVER done that! Love your tanks, a form I've never tried, but will one of these days.

Jean said...

You are firmly in the real world! Like Ramona I NEVER skip ahead either, and I do like to read some fantasy. Did you like Harry Potter?
You are a poetry guru for me. Between you, Mary Lee, Cathy, and Amy, I feel like I am taking a graduate poetry class.
May the heavenly event end soon!

Glenda Funk said...

I love these separate but unique poems about reading. I'm one who jumps to the end, too, and I am not a big fantasy fan. Im particularly interested in your use of the small "i" in the first poem. It tells me how significant books are to readers.

Mary Lee said...

The second one cracks me up!