Monday, April 2, 2018

POEM #2- It Is Very Risky"

OK, so I am definitely limping along into poetry land this month. I spent two hours- one this morning and one tonight, trying to write a Shardoma. It was coming together, and then it wasn't, and I was totally out of time. So that is on hold for another day, or maybe never. Happened to come across this quote on Twitter (thank you Catherine Duggan) and it felt like a found poem. So that's what it has become. 

"It is Very Risky"

The Giver
passed along 
to the boy








and truth.

Each time
you place a book
in the hands of a child

you do the same thing.

It is very risky. 

But each time
a child
opens a book

she opens a gate
that separates her

from Elsewhere. 

It gives her choices.
It gives her freedom. 

And those are 


It is very risky. 

Lois Lowry
Newbery Acceptance Speech


Ramona said...

Wow! Choices and freedom, are magnificent wonderful unsafe things. Thanks for this found poem.

Mary Lee said...

A poem indeed! And a great reminder of the gravity and importance that accompany book recommendations!

Jean said...

Such a powerful book and a powerful poem!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Yes! Thank you for this. I will be thinking about this idea of "risky" and "unsafe" with reading all day today--such a surprising juxtaposition with something I normally think of as so comforting and safe. Thank you for being so transparent about your process too. I've never heard of the shardoma before and look forward to learning more when that piece is ready.

Linda B said...

It's wonderful to use those 'tweetful' words to make your poem, Carol, and it is so true. I loved recommending and hooking kids in books, but there were times it really did not work!

Tamara said...

You immediately brought one of my readers to mind with your words. I put The Giver into his hands yesterday. I hope he takes the risk.

Glenda Funk said...

The way you create the binary between risks and benefits to giving a child a book is wonderful. Lois Lowry was so gracious at NCTE last fall. I am so lucky to have a signed copy of The Giver for my granddaughter.

Cathy said...

There's nothing like the feeling of recommending a book that connects with a reader. It is a risky business. I think you found your poem for the day. I am curious about a Shardoma. I must say that I do not know what that might be. I will look forward to reading your example at some point this month.

elsie said...

It is risky, but so worth the risk. You have such a talent for creating poems.