Monday, March 5, 2018

Slice #5- Fragile

The rest of the class is reading silently.

I watch her drawing. Erasing. Redrawing. Pencil shading.

I should say something, but I do not.

She is quiet. The people around her can read.

That is not always true.

She has been so mad at me for the past week.

On Thursday, I called her mom after she talked through the entire silent reading time.

I don't mean whispered to friends.

I mean talked.

Full voice.

To people across the room.

For twenty minutes.

Despite repeated requests to stop.

Finally, I had had it.

I lost it and raised my voice to her.

Her mom told me I should not have embarrassed her.

The next day, when I tried to talk to her,

she plugged her ears,

told me she didn't want anything to do with me,

then walked away.

Today, I was running down stairs to get something out of my basement office

fifteen minutes after the day had begun.

I opened the door and said good morning. She refused to say hello.

And now she is drawing.

I watch and say nothing.

Until reading time is almost over.

Then I lean over and whisper to her,

"Drawings that beautiful should not be on notebook paper.

I will bring you some plain paper tomorrow."

She looks up, surprised.

"Thanks, miss."

That relationship, so fragile.


For now, anyway.


elsie said...

We have to pick our battles. Relationships are so important. Hang in there Carol!

Michelle said...

I was lucky enough to hear Ruth Ayres today ... oh, how my heart aches for our children that come from hard places. But I have also been in your shoes, responding in a way that I want to take back. Your love and patience will shine ... Ruth encouraged us to be that light. Shine on, Carol!