Friday, March 23, 2018

SLICE #23- A foray into the organized life

I am not an organizational goddess. In fact,  my organization typically sounds like, "Hmm, spring break starts today. I really should take my car in for a tune up next week." And then I call my mechanic. And he tells me he's full for the next two weeks, but that I could come two weeks from Thursday. And so then I have to drop off my car, and take the bus across town to work, work, take the bus back to the garage, and pick up my car.

But not this time. Nope.

This time I really was an organizational goddess.

About a month ago, on Presidents' Day, to be exact, I had a flat tire. So while I was at the garage getting the tire fixed, I made an appointment to get the car tuned up on Monday, the first official day of spring break.

I was so proud of myself!

Today, I called to ask a question. The handle had come off of the car door on Sunday. I wanted to know if the garage could fix that as well, when I took the car in on Monday.

"Monday?" said Christy, the office manager at my garage. "I don't see your name on Monday. Who did you talk to?"

"I talked to you, " I said, "Do you remember when I had the flat tire on Presidents' Day? I made the appointment then. "

"You did make an appointment," she said, with kind of a surprised voice, "but you aren't on the books now. We had some computer issues a couple of weeks ago, and it erased some appointments. Yours must have been one of them. We are pretty booked up on Monday. Can you come on Thursday or Friday instead?"

I thought about how carefully I had arranged my schedule for the week. Saturday taxes, Sunday Colorado Springs to see my mom, Monday, car in the garage so I would do some cleaning, Wednesday, lunch with a friend, Thursday take the dog to the vet.  I really was trying be organized and proactive.

And now this.

So much for being an organizational goddess. I think it's highly overrated.


Diane Anderson said...

That’s just the way things go for me, too.

Morgan said...

I was so excited for you as I read your slice. The contrast you establish between how you typically schedule, how you did it this time, and then the unfortunate result make for a humorous and relate-able story. Thanks for sharing.

Ramona said...

Oh no! Makes you wonder, doesn't it? What if you hadn't called and just showed up at the appointed time? Would they have worked you in?

Unknown said...

I can so relate to this...I have the best intentions with organization, but rarely does it work out as I plan. You do a good job of relating to your reader. Nice work.

elsie said...

That is just so aggravating! I hope they give you a discount for the inconvenience.