Wednesday, March 21, 2018

SLICE #21- Who I am

"I remember when she was in kindergarten," I say, as the third grader rushes past me, carrying a guitar that is almost as big as she is. "It goes so fast."

"For them it does," he says. "But for those of us waiting to retire, it goes really slow."

I look at him, "Are you waiting to retire?" I say.

"Yep," he says. "I'm done."

I look again. He does not look that old.

"How much longer are you going to work?" I ask.

"Nine more years," he says. "I have nine more years. I have to wait until I am 55."

"Then what will you do?" I ask.

"Work as a technician," he says. "I like working with computers."

And then I do not know what to say.

I am 13 years older than he is.

Could retire pretty soon, if I wanted to.

But I really don't.

I love my job. I love working with kids.

I can't imagine what I would do if I had to retire.

I would probably come back and work as a full-time volunteer.

Teaching is not what I do.

Teaching is who I am.


Michelle said...

Yep, it's who I am too. Some of us have it in our blood ... and others wait to retire. Sad to think what the next nine years will be like in that teacher's classroom. I'm saddened for those kids who deserve more than the effort of "I'm done."

Emily said...

It's who I am, too. I love this Slice you've captured. It shows the value of passion for your career...which is important, especially as a teacher! Thanks for sharing!

elsie said...

How sad that person is putting in time for nine more years. When you love your job, time flies and all of a sudden you are able to retire. As long as health is not a factor, you need to continue working because you enjoy it. Retirement doesn't mean you stop your entire life, but it does mean that you get to choose when to do what.

Stacey said...

I love that teaching is who you are. How fortunate for your students that you are pursuing your calling. And, like Elsie said, it's terrible that person is putting in nine more years. That just makes me sad.

Karen said...

You are so right - teaching is still what I am, even after 10 months since my retirement. I can't imagine having the thought of "I'm done" - that makes me so sad.