Wednesday, November 30, 2016


My sweet E turns 2 today! I actually found this book after I had sent the birthday box to Phoenix, and had to create to a whole new shipment because every birthday girl deserves a special birthday book!
This one perfectly captures the pros and cons of having a T Rex at your birthday party!
If a T Rex crashes your birthday party
You'd probably be excited.
But you should know a T Rex is as big as a school bus
And he'll have a weird way of looking at you
like he wonders how you would taste with a little mustard.
He's never heard of toothpaste
and he's a close talker.
Those little arms are not very good at birthday games,
He'll eat the cupcake you were saving for your gammy
And he'll break all your toys. 

A perfect birthday gift for any dinosaur lover!


zerry ht said...

The birthday parties are awesome but when it is about a kid’s birthday you might face a lot of issues. Not all kids play around so they can cry or make you feel uncomfortable. I think one must carefully pick the fun activities in which all the kids can participate. At some local venues in NYC we also would be hosting son’s 6th birthday party and will hire a bounce house too.

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