Monday, September 5, 2016

THEY ALL SAW A CAT- Brendan Wenzel

The cat walks through the world,
with its whiskers, ears, and paws…

A child saw the cat.
A dog saw the cat.
The fox saw a cat
The fish saw a cat
A mouse saw a cat
A bee saw the cat
A  bird saw the cat
A flea saw the cat
A snake saw the cat
A skunk saw the cat
A worm saw the cat
A bat saw the cat

But they all saw the cat very differently.

A gorgeous new picture book that would be absolutely terrific for introducing a unit on point of view or perspective! And the illustrations are interesting enough that I think the book could get a look from the Caldecott Committee!

An added bonus: Emily Arrow has written a song to go with THEY ALL SAW A CAT!

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Mary Lee said...

I LOVE this book! Great for point of view, but most of all -- just plain gorgeous!!