Saturday, September 10, 2016


Trying to get back into blogging a little more regularly…

Frederick Lipton, the actor, and Mr. Pip, the monkey are best friends. When Frederick’s birthday rolls around, Mr. Pip can’t wait to give Frederick a special, handmade card. Because Frederick is so famous, he receives a number of other gifts- including a solid gold car from the sultan of Brunei and an invitation to dinner at the White House and Mr. Pip can’t find a time to give Frederick his simple present. 

Mr. Pip becomes very sad and Frederick is concerned. He takes Mr. Pip to every vet in town; they all say he is fine, but Frederick is not convinced. He finally leaves him at the Guild of Geniuses, where four of the smartest people in the world hold court. The geniuses try everything they know, including bringing in other monkeys especially from Africa, as well as sending Mr. Pip into space, but nothing works. Will Mr. Pip’s problem ever be solved?

A terrific primary grade book about friendship. And wisdom. And things that matter. 

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Mary Lee said...

New to me!! Can't wait to read this one!!