Sunday, September 11, 2016

OCDANIEL- Wesley King

Daniel is maybe a more typical middle school kid than most kids would like to admit. He's smart, gifted even. He is writing a book. His best friend, Max, is a talented athlete. Daniel is not a talented athlete, but plays backup kicker on the football team. Mostly that means he fills in when the water boy is gone. He plays because his father, brother Steve, and best friend, Max, all love football. And Daniel has a crush on a cute and popular girl named Raya.

Daniel is not like all the other kids in some ways. He suffers from something he calls the Zaps. The Zaps make him do crazy things, such as like some numbers and not like others, flick light switches, and sometimes have weird attacks at school. He also has a routine he does every single night, that involves taking so many steps to the bathroom, brushing his teeth a certain number of strokes, wiping the rim of the toilet, drying his hands on a specific towel. He can't sleep until he has done the routine perfectly. Sometimes that takes several hours.

Daniel's life takes an unexpected twist when a girl named Sara, who the kids at school call "Psycho" befriends him. Sara has a special aide who accompanies her to all of her classes. Even so, sometimes she melts down in class and has to be removed. Sara needs Daniel's help in finding out who killed her dad the year before. It is Sarah, who tells Daniel that his Zaps have an actual name.

Author's notes reveal that this book is partly autobiographical. There is information about Obssessive Compulsive disorder and resources to get more information.

A book lots of middle schoolers and high schoolers will love. And a book that some kids will need.

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