Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Friday night after a terrific, but very long first week of school, and I am beat.  Even so, I set my alarm for 5:30. I have a big day ahead on Saturday. It's Young Life's Senior Snap, and I have volunteered to help with the food table. I will be there from 7 until 3:30.

Senior Snap is the brain child of Andy K., a graphic designer and also a Young Life volunteer. Two years ago, one of Andy's Young Life kids asked Andy if he could take his senior pictures. Andy was glad to oblige, but a day later, his Facebook account was blowing up. There were lots of kids that needed senior pictures and the deadline was 24 hours later.

Andy couldn't help all of the kids that needed help, but he couldn't stop thinking about them. He wondered if there was a way he could do something. The next fall, he borrowed his church facilities,  enlisted the help of five of his photographer friends, gathered a few others to help with food, and Senior Snap was born. High school seniors from all over Denver have the opportunity to sign up to have their pictures taken, and it's totally free.
Anna Rose, Carlos, and I were the food team. 
That first year, Senior Snap took 21 pictures, this year we did over 30. High school seniors sign up online for a time slot. When they arrive at the church, they are treated to hair and makeup, pizza, chips, candy, and lots of loving. Each senior goes out in a group with a photographer, a photo buddy (the person who holds everything for everyone), and one or two other kids. They wander the blocks around downtown Denver, looking for perfect shots.

Elizabeth, a kindergarten paraprofessional did hair.

I also had the privilege of going out on a couple of photo shoots. Amber, the photographer, was willing to try anything and these guys jumped over walls and climbed on roofs and played guitar and just generally had a blast. The pictures from my second round aren't posted yet, but the two young women were from Sudan, with high, high heels and super interesting stories to tell. 

I have been thinking about Saturday ever since then. Andy's words keep ringing in my ears. "I saw that there was a need," he said. "And I wondered what I could do to fill it?" 

"I saw that there was a need. And I wondered what I could do to fill it?" 

"I saw that there was a need. And I wondered what I could do to fill it?" 

In my mind, that's the way more Christians should live.  I wonder what needs I'm supposed to be filling right now. 


Linda B said...

It seems that you are part of filling a need with this, Carol. The pictures, and idea, is wonderful. I bet those kids are so happy to see themselves in those terrific pics.

Mary Lee said...

Priceless. Brings tears to my eyes. And you? You fill needs (and buckets) ALL. THE. TIME.

Tabatha said...

That is a beautiful story, Carol, and a beautiful question.

Nanc said...

This is absolutely the best....this kids are beautiful and it is so something....I'm sure Jeff would love to get involved with. His job has changed slightly at United Way is involved in digital media full time for amazing projects around the U.S. He just got married last Saturday and Britt is involved in refugee work in the Springs. I loved, loved the pictures. I would love to write the guy that started this a note of gratitude. Senior Pictures...a very important life step. I am sending your link to Jeff. xo I love that you are so involved in Young Life for so many years! Yay Carol. xo nanc

Author Amok said...

Carol. thanks for telling us about this wonderful program. I loved the picture (and the idea) of the para-educator doing students' hair -- such a caring, kind moment. I hope other people are inspired to start a program like this.