Monday, March 9, 2015


I'm participating in the Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers this month. 
Every day, for the month of March, 
I will be capturing a slice of my life.
I'm on a borrowed PC computer while my Apple is in the shop. 
I can't figure out how to download the SLICE graphic on this computer.

Today was a very long day.
It started with a PARCC meeting this morning. 
It finished tonight, fourteen hours later,
helping organize PARCC materials.

The highlight of my day--
Kindergarten reading group this afternoon.
Today's text was I CAN JUMP. 

"I can jump,"
said the grasshopper.
"I can't jump,": 
said the snail. 
"I can run,"
said the spider. 
"I can't jump,"
said the snail.  
Pretty much every day I  take a running record.
Today is S's turn. 
She has struggled with this reading thing,
but today she is going strong, 
using pictures, 
cross checking picture against beginning sound.
She knows she is doing a good job
and her grin gets wider with every page.
She gets to the last three pages. 

"I can fly,
said the butterfly. 
'I can't,'
said the snail, 
'But I can slide.'
Somehow, though, the ending gets just a little mixed up.

"I can fly,
said the butterfly. 
'I can't,'
said the snail, 
Then, instead of reading
'But I can slide.'
S makes a minor change.
"I can slide on my butt!"
she says triumphantly
giving me a big grin. 

After this, 
I am supposed to give feedback
tell her what she has done well,
give her a little constructive feedback.

I can't today. 

I am laughing too hard.

"I did great, didn't I?" says Syiah.

There really is nothing better 
than kindergarten reading group
especially the day before PARCC.  


Sheri42 said...

Love your poem.

Sorry we have PARCC.

Thankful we have teachers like you who encourage children so much!

Thanks for sharing the SPARK.

It's what real learning is all about!


Ramona said...

Great story! Of course, you couldn't give feedback, you needed this snippet of humor in a very long day. Thank goodness for the kindergarten reading group, especially today.

elsie said...

Love the joy of your kindergartener! She was certainly making meaning.