Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Did anyone watch the Golden Globes the other night? I was doing my usual Sunday night gig, working on school, television in the background, when Diane Keaton stepped up to receive Woody Allen's lifetime achievement award. I wasn't paying much attention, but then Keaton burst into song.

And it was a song I knew. From a  long time ago. When I was a Girl Scout. At about age 8. 
Make new friends,
but keep the old,
one is silver 
and the other's gold. 
 Over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to celebrate a little silver.

A new friend.

Or actually an old friend, that I am just now getting to know face to face.

I "met" Linda about two years ago. Truly, I don't remember the exact circumstances. At that point, I had never heard of her blog, "Teacherdance," but was reading several other blogs where Linda's name started showing up in the comments section.  I was struck by the number of times she posted and the number of comments she made each week. This woman was everywhere!

And then somehow, I came to realize that she lived in my city. And worked not very far away from me. Linda and I developed an online friendship. We read each other's blogs and got to know each other's taste in books. Linda has commented, faithfully, pretty much every time I have posted, for the past two years.

Last February, I was walking across a crowded lobby at our state reading convention, lugging a bag with books and my computer and presentation materials, when someone caught my eye.

"Carol?" she said.

"Linda?" I replied.

And there, in the middle of that crowded lobby, Linda/Teacherdance and I finally met face to face.

The state reading convention is always kind of crazy for me. I'm a past president. I generally present two or three times. I often have friends in from out of town. I see old friends, people I have known for years and years but don't see except that once a year weekend in February.

I usually leave wishing for more time with people.

And that's how I felt that weekend. Linda and I got several opportunities to see each other, but there was never really time for a good conversation.

And so we agreed we would meet again later.

And we kept talking about it.

But we never quite made it happen.

Until Christmas break.

When we actually go together at a little restaurant attached to Tatttered Cover. We had lunch. Talked about books. CYBILS finalists. Teaching careers. Exchanged stories about adoption and motherhood.

And then, of course, wandered over to Tattered Cover and spent time browsing.

And then left, promising to see each other again soon.

Because we truly have developed a friendship.

The silver kind. 


And now face to face.


Nanc said...

I remember that post last year when you met one of the 'golden globe' girls. Jeff just bought a very tiny house in Denver. I hope to get there next summer and maybe??? Tattered Cover??? I love both of your writing and your lives-your stories. xo

Carol said...

I really hope you do get to Denver! Would love to meet you! I still laugh every time I think about that cowboy boot story you posted a while back!

Linda B said...

Wow, Carol, it's very nice to hear, and it was a delight to sit and talk as we did. We'll have to find time at least for coffee in a few week-here comes CCIRA! Thank you! And Nancy, it would be wonderful to see you in Denver!

elsie said...

Meeting one who you know through written words is such fun! The bond is immediate because you have so much background established, but yet there are always questions as you explore other parts of their life. Maybe one day I will be in Denver.

Stacey Shubitz said...

Yea for reading conventions, online connections, and wonderful bookstores. I'm so glad you two had the chance to catch up again.

Dana Murphy said...

This is so great. I love this Slice so much. It makes my heart happy to hear of people connecting like this through blogs and writing. P.S. - and you're right, Linda's comments are everywhere! I love it!!

Tara said...

Ah, this made my heart reminded me of meeting Bonnie for the first time, and then Linda in Boston. I hope that you have many more occasions to meet again - lucky two of you!

Jaana said...

Meeting online--especially blogging--friends in real life is so much fun! I hope you will have many more meetings together. And, yes, Linda's comments are everywhere; and we love them!

writekimwrite said...

It is such a wonderful treat to spend time with a blogging friend face to face! This made me happy to read. :)

Amanda Villagómez said...

Thanks for this glimpse - what special interactions. I agree with you that I am impressed with the amount of time Linda is able to dedicate to commenting and reaching out to other bloggers, so as I started to read your post I loved it because it felt like a celebration of her and connections she makes with people.