Friday, October 25, 2013


Image from Wikimedia Commons

At the end
of this late-night-early-morning-eighty-hour week
of scrutiny and suggestions and directives
progress monitoring and paperwork and payments
tangles and tantrums and technology issues
rubrics and rushing and redos
dentist chairs and discouragement and defeat
not to mention a disgruntled dog

I long for Saturday
when I will put
on my soft jeans
with the torn pocket
and worn knees

and just be. 

Carol Wilcox

Irene Latham is hosting Poetry Friday today. 


Linda B said...

How did this kind of life get to 'be'? It appears the same at our school too, Carol. I love the alliteration, but those lists-arrgh! It seems that Saturday will be very good! "rubrics and rushing and redos" connected with us too! Thanks for writing it well!

Mary Lee said...

Hope you had a good day yesterday and that today will continue to heal you!