Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm joining Ruth Ayres and crew
in celebrating the pleasures of an ordinary week.

Recess duty.
Five year olds.
Heads flung back
Toes pointed forward
Swinging through
Blue autumn sky
Red gold orange trees
Delicious giggles. 
"Don't push me.
I can 'bump'  now
Dr. Carol." 
When I leave for work
it's cold and dark
and I wear a jacket.
At noon
it's still cloudy and
I'm not sure 
how much it's warmed up
I change my heels for
recess duty clogs and
 take my coat outside.
It's definitely warmer.
I can be kind of a space cadet
and I don't want to leave my coat
hanging on the fence
so I tie it around my waist.
The middle schoolers are talking about swagg.
"Do you know what swagg is, Ms. Wilcox?"
I assure them that I do, say jokingly, 
"Don't I look like I know what swagg is?"
The seventh grade girls look at doubtfully.
"Ummm, I think you have to change your shoes.
And untie your coat
if you want to be swagging."
After school snack bags
from the Food Bank.
Six-year-old M helps me clean up afterwards.
He wants to carry the extra's basket
Back to the storage area.
Today's snack was hummus and crackers.
Not a favorite.
And there is lots of hummus in the extra's box.
"Dr. Carol, 
I don't think kids like this 'thomas.'
You shouldn't make it anymore."
Friday afternoon.
Six-year-old A.
Eating a box of raisins from his
after school snack bag.
"I like raisins," 
he says conversationally.
And then, 
"There are not very many in here."
He looks at me accusingly.
"Did you eat some?"
Friday night.
Book club. 
We have been meeting since 1995.
Almost 20 years.
Sometimes we talk about books.
Mostly we talk about life.
We have travelled many roads.
Teaching. Marriage. Death. Remarriage. Adoption.
Now there are more conversations about retirement.
Health. Travel.
Tonight we admire panda pictures from China. 
Talk about colitis and osteoporosis and train travel. 
Eat birthday cake.
Drink wine.
And laugh a lot.
So grateful for these dear, dear friends.

So much to celebrate.


elsie said...

I never realized there were so many celebrations hidden through the week until Ruth nudged us to discover them. You have some gems here. Your book club is a life line. I love the way the conversation has evolved over time.

Michelle Haseltine said...

I love the format you used for this post. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful celebrations!

Linda B said...

It's a wonderful post that made me smile big all the way through Carol. I love the little kid stories, and hearing about your book club friends-a real treasure I know. And, try hard to leave that 'thomas' from the snacks from now on!

Ramona said...

I can identify with the space cadet analogy. I had a student ask this year, "Do you always lose things?" I moved from my first book club, but started another one that has now been going strong for 16 years. There's nothing like the bonds you forge with friends as you travel life's varied roads together. Love the six year old voices!

Mary Lee said...

A beautiful poetry / slideshow of your week. I need to do a better job of making note of what kids say.

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely glimpse into your week. Such a wonderful way to end the week with treasured friendships.

Amanda Villagómez said...

I enjoyed your use of dialogue throughout your celebrations. It added a lot.