Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SLICE OF LIFE- My Own Personal Colorado All Write

I really wanted to go to Indiana for All-Write.
The lineup of speakers looked fabulous.
And I really, really, really wanted to meet all of the people who I have come to know online over the past few years.

But I have a kid in college.
And another one that will probably be going within the next year.
And travel just isn't a possibility right now.
I was really sad. 
But then, it turned out ok.
I kind of had my own little personal "All-Write."

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mary Lee, you know, the world famous blogger and poet, emailed me. She was coming to Colorado to see her mom. On Saturday she was going to be in Denver. She wondered if I might be free.

Was I free?
To see one of my all time favorite on-line friends?!?
The person who has rescued me from numerous online blogging crises???
And sent notes and care packages when the bottom dropped out?
And brought red velvet cupcakes to my boys?


And we had a terrific day!

Mary Lee and I met at the Botanic Gardens.
Photographed the flowers (that was Mary Lee!).
Watched the bees (that was me!).
Shared book titles.
And school stories.
And life tales. 

Went to lunch by the Tattered Cover.
And didn't even go in to buy any books!

It was a really lovely day.
Almost like my own personal Colorado All-Write!
Thanks, friend, for such a delightful day!


CBethM said...

That's wonderful! I wish you could have been with us in Warsaw for AllWrite, but I would have hated for you and Mary Lee to have missed your day together.

Jill Fisch said...

I know exactly how you feel about #AllWrite. I would love to go to that comference one day, too. I am so glad that you had such a great day with MaryLee.

Maybe one day you and I should meet since we are both in the Denver area. And maybe we should really hold an official #ColoradoAllWrite. (Exciting idea but kind of scary, too, at least for this introvert.). :)


Carol said...

I'd love to meet any time! Maybe we could see if we could round up Linda and any other Colorado bloggers that want to come!

And we could definitely talk about doing our own #AllWrite!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a fulfilling day! Amazing how you can connect online and then just continue on like old school friends when meeting in "real life." Thanks for sharing about your Colorado All Write gathering!

writekimwrite said...

This is THE best! I love that we (our writing community) has taken to meeting up when an opportunity comes about. Such joy in it! Thank you for sharing yours. Is there early registration for the Colorado All Write? :)

Mary Lee said...

It was a FABULOUS day!! Watch for pictures soon!!

And for the record, I can TOTALLY get behind a #ColoradoAllWrite, even though I'm only a visitor at this point!!

Katherine Sokolowski said...

What a beautiful day with a beautiful friend. Wish we could have seen you at All Write, but completely understand your reasons to stay home.

Karen said...

This makes me happy that two of my favorite people spent such wonderful quality time together. Sounds like quite the perfect day!!

Unknown said...

I, too, wish I could have been at All Write. I think you found a way of sharing that it all right to not be there, too. You made the most of your time with a great friend as well. Thanks for sharing a voice of optimism and friendship.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Your own personal Colorado All-Write sounds mighty special to me. I was sad about All Write, too - but i needed to end the school year with my kiddos...we had our own personal All Write, too!

Linda B said...

And I'm sorry that I can't be in two places at the same time! And also sorry that you can't get to All Write yet, but someday! I've been in that place-college time was lean time! What a wonderful day it must have been, Carol! It would be great to get together some time. I often wonder why there isn't more going on in Colorado. There are certainly great people here, too!

BK said...

What an excellent alternative! A concentrated meet up! Perfect way to fit it into our life.
Next year?

BK said...

Whoops, what happened to my comment? Again?
So sorry you couldn't be with us this year, but what a wonderful variation.

Cathy said...

That sounds like a wonderful alternative. I've moved from blog to blog hearing about Twitter/blog friends meeting each other at All Write. Like you, I wish I could have gone. Like you, we have one in college (one just out and one going soon). We're not doing anything for a very very long time. Your story is a reminder that there are so many ways we can get together for "live" conversations.


Penny Jansen said...

way to turn lemons into lemonade!

Jaana said...

It sounds like we need more All Write conferences! I am so glad you ended up with a fulfilling day!

elsie said...

I think you've started something or at least some minds churning. What a fabulous day for you.

Nanc said...

I'm so happy you got to see Mary Lee at the gardens and for lunch...yeah. I wonder how ACL boy is doing???? XO nanc