Thursday, June 20, 2013


So glad you came by today!

I had a hard time deciding on a theme for today.
The flowers in Denver are gorgeous, 
but several variations on flowers
  has been done several times recently.

Then I thought about basketball
because I've been watching the NBA finals all week,
but I wasn't sure how many poet/basketball fans 
there were in the Poetry Friday crowd.

Finally decided I would just share
a plentitude of perfectly poetic picture books…

Julie Morstad

This quiet and poetic picture book has definitely jumped into my top five favorites for this year.  The one I looked at had a slide on the cover (as does the one on Amazon) but I couldn't find that one on the internet. Hmmmm. Anyway, each picture tells its own story. How to wash your socks (jump in a mud puddle). How to be brave (go down a big slide). How to get a good night's sleep (sleep on a bed that looks like something from Princess and the Pea). Some are whimsical, some are serious, all are absolutely perfect. You have got to find this book!

Julie Fogliano
 Julie Fogliano is fast becoming one of my favorite picture book poets. I loved "and then it's spring" and her newest book "if you want to see a whale," is just as perfect. Both books have featured the gentle  art of Erin Stead, who won the Caldecott for Sick Day for Amos McGee. 
if you want to see a whale, you will need to know what not to look at.
Pink roses, pelicans, possible pirates…
If you want to see a whale you have to keep your eyes on the sea and wait…
and wait…and wait… 


 Classic Mem Fox! Only a little text 
but every single word is absolutely perfect. 

"Yoo-hoo, Ladybug!
Where are you?
There you are…
Afloat in the bath
with duck and giraffe."  

Kids will also love hunting for the ladybug in Laura Ljungkvist's bright collage like illustrations. Each page contains basically the same objects in a different context and arrangement. 
Susan Stockdale

Toting a shell
Twisting on sand
Sprawled in a lair
and sprinting on land.

A safari of striped animals for the younger set. One or two lines of text and a striped animal  on each page. A two-page spread at the end shares a little information about the animals.  Kids are also sure to love the "Can you find these stripes?" invitation on the last two pages.

Kathy DeZarn Beynette

If you make a rude remark
I hope it won't be to your shark.
Don't say, "That's a stupid sweater,"
Or "I like sharks but whales are better.
Keep your shark relations happy.
Rudeness makes us all feel snappy.
Short and silly poems about lots of different animals.

Leave your links in the comments!

The Poetry Friday Roundup is here. 


    Charles Ghigna said...

    Thanks, Carol! I'll keep this short and "snappy." Come see if you can solve our little riddle poem at the FATHER GOOSE Blog

    Author Amok said...

    Hi, Carol. Thank you for hosting and for sharing all of these wonderful book recommendations.

    I have an original poem in the voice of a displeased "Leopard." It's a late entry in my poetry postcard series.

    Diane Mayr said...

    I hadn't heard of any of these picture books before this introduction, but now I'm on the look-out!

    Thanks for letting me post early. I have an 8 AM doctor's appointment and I thought I might miss posting my links. (8 AM sounded like a good idea 6 months ago when I made the appointment--tonight, now, not so much.) These posts will be up after midnight:

    At Random Noodling I have a tanka about wind chimes.

    Kurious Kitty has delightful poem by Charles Wright, and at KK's Kwotes there's a quote by Wright.

    Have a great weekend, Carol!

    GatheringBooks said...

    Hi Carol, thank you so much for hosting this week. I love the books that you shared here. My contribution this week is a Janet Wong and Julie Paschkis special - "Yoga Poems: Twist" and "Night Garden: Poems from the World of Dreams."

    Here's the link:

    Steven Withrow said...

    Great post, Carol! Thanks for hosting.

    Today I've got an original poem called "Cat in the Yard":

    Steven Withrow

    Doraine said...

    Carol, I have a few more student poems and a homework assignment for a class I'm taking on defining my approach to poetry. Thanks for hosting this week.

    jama said...

    All those books are new to me. Can't wait to check them out!

    This week I'm serving up a little barbecue with Tony Hoagland's "Ode to Ribs":

    (My post goes live at 6 a.m. EDT)

    Thanks so much for hosting today!

    Donna Smith said...

    Thanks for hosting! I have two original caterpillar and robin poems for today at
    It's up at midnight.

    Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

    Thanks for hosting today and sharing these books, Carol - I'm not familiar with any of them, so I'll need to look them up!

    Today I have a riddle poem, as well (thanks to Charles!)...except this one was written when I was still in high school:

    (The link goes live at midnight)

    Amy LV said...

    Oh, goodie! A couple of these were on my list...and some new too! Thank you tons for posting and hosting today.

    At The Poem Farm, I have a wee nonfiction poem about an owl, and also a collection of second grade poems from Mrs. Barbara Lehn's class in Concord, MA.

    Happy Poetry Friday!

    Betsy Hubbard said...

    Thanks for hosting! My poem is about a journey based off of a prompt at the All Write conference.

    Linda B said...

    Hi Carol-I'm at the All-Write and wanted to share a poem about courage, connecting to those who have courage in writing and sharing out in the world-not always easy! Thanks for hosting and for sharing all those wonderful books. I adore "If You Want To See A Whale"!

    Robin said...

    I'm jumping into Poetry Fridays this week! My poem is from a prompt giving by Ruth Ayres at the All Write!!! conference today.

    Tabatha said...

    Hi Carol! Thanks for rounding us up today and for the wonderful picture books! I esp. like the cover for "Stripes of All Types" and the poem for "When Your Porcupine Feels Prickly."
    My theme today is coffee:

    Julie said...

    Great recommendations, Carol. Thanks for posting them and for hosting Poetry Friday. This week at The Drift Record I have found poem lifted from the World Atlas of Language Structures.

    Ruth said...

    I have a poem today by Idra Novey called "The Visitor."

    Thanks for hosting!

    Cathy said...

    I am thrilled you are today's Poetry Friday host. Thank you for sharing so many great titles. I don't know how it happened, but I do not have one of these! Oh no! I am adding to my wish list again. Following blogs is dangerous for the wallet.

    Today I joining with a poem about lilies. I just couldn't resist the topic as they are surrounding my house right now in their fragrant beauty.

    I still need to return for some linking. We are out of data for the month so I am posting from my phone. I am not very good at phone posting. It's hard to see the screen and typing is a challenge - linking seems impossible.

    I will be back by later to read about everyone joining today's event.

    Thanks for hosting,

    Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

    Thank you Carol-- I love getting recommendations of good new poetic picture books!

    There's a Five Word Friday Fiesta at Today's Little Ditty.
    Come join in the fun!

    Mary Lee said...

    Great collection of poetic picture books!!

    I've got an original today:

    Margaret Simon said...

    Carol, Thanks for hosting and for the beautiful book suggestions. I'm thinking about verse novels, reading and writing:

    Karen Edmisten said...

    Thanks for hosting, Carol. I'm in with some Billy Collins this week. It's here.

    Violet N. said...

    Thanks for the heads-up on all those books!

    I'm have an original poem called "Summer Plans." Happy Summer everyone!

    Irene Latham said...

    Hi Carol - thanks for these pb recommendations! Thanks also for hosting. I'm in with a few Valerie Worth poems on the subject of childhood play.

    Unknown said...

    Thanks for hosting!
    My addition to Poetry Friday is a mild ironic comment on CCSS close reading with William Wordsworth...:

    Keri said...

    Hi Carol, and thanks for sharing these books -- my rule is if I see two books on the same day it's a SIGN. So, hurray for getting If You Want to See a Whale! ;-)

    I posted (at long last) about Amy LV's book, Forest Has a Song. I was motivated by a recent trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, and share some photos at

    Jone said...

    Hi Carol,
    I am sharing again a student poem about summer:

    Thank you for hosting and sharing gorgeous poetic picture books.

    Lorie Ann Grover said...

    Such a lovely round up of recommends! Thanks!

    At On Point I have Lit Passage.

    Queen Bee said...

    This is my first time on a poetry Friday...thanks to All write and other writers I met.

    Little Willow said...

    Hello to all of the poets, critters, and sunshine! :)

    I posted an Emily Dickinson poem at my blog, Bildungsroman.

    Carlie said...

    Thank you for hosting! I have an original poem today about a bright, confectionary fantasy. You can find it on my blog:

    laurasalas said...

    THanks for hosting, Carol! I kept visiting on Friday but the Leave a Comment function wasn't working for me. Anyway, thanks for this roundup--I've added several of these to my TBR list. Happy Poetry Friday!

    Carol said...

    So sorry that the comment thing wasn't working for you. Not sure why. If you want to add your contribution, I"m happy to add it to the roundup--
    Again, my apologies!

    BJ Lee said...

    love this list of pbs, Carol. thanks for posting. i've already got some of them reserved at the library.