Monday, May 13, 2013


I've loved Kevin Henkes' books for a very  long time. If I had to choose a favorite, I'd choose LILY AND HER PURPLE PLASTIC PURSE. In the past year or so, Henkes' has released three PENNY books, a new series of easy readers, and those are fast becoming favorites. I reviewed PENNY AND HER DOLL in October, and the newest book in the series, PENNY AND HER MARBLE, just came out last week.

Penny is out with her doll, Rose, when she finds a big, shiny blue marble on Mrs. Goodwin's front lawn. She picks it up, admires it, and then puts in her pocket and takes it home. Once she gets home, however, the marble does not seem quite so wonderful. In fact, Penny feels so badly about taking the shiny blue marble that it almost makes her sick. She worries about the marble all that day, then dreams about it all that night. Penny has a big decision to make…

Perfect for starting conversations about stealing. Perfect for any beginning reader. Perfect for any primary grade classroom.


Linda B said...

Sounds good, Carol. My little 4 year old granddaughter sings all the time, so I got Penny and her Song for her, that she loves. This series is a good addition. I'll also check on the Lily books!

Cathy said...

This is good news, Carol. I'm going to have to go out to see if I can find a copy.


Michelle said...

One of my 3 year olds LOVES Penny! We have read all three books, um, let's guess at least a hundred times! We love the rhythm of the books and Penny's unsure nature of wanting to do what is right. I have loved the conversations we have had about taking what is not ours even if we really want it.

Thanks for sharing!