Thursday, May 23, 2013

TIPTOE JOE- Ginger Fogelsong Gibson

Tiptoe Joe has a secret.

He goes from friend to friend- from Donkey to Rabbit to Moose to Turkey to Owl- inviting them to come along and see.
ˆDonkey, donkey, come with me,
I know something you should see."
His animal friends thud, and swish, and clomp along behind him, all the way to the end of the book, where Joe's surprise is finally disclosed.

I've read this to three groups of kindergartners- all to rave reviews. They loved Joe's tennis shoes ("Just like Pete the Cat!" exclaimed one group). They loved the repeating phrase, which made the book easy for these just-getting-started readers to pick up and read on their own. They loved making the sounds with the onomatopoeia on each page. 

Put this book in a basket of "everybody reads" in kindergarten or first grade. Or pair it with Kevin Henkes JULIUS, BABY OF THE WORLD or Marla Frazee's BOSS BABY. It would also be a terrific sibling present for a baby shower.

A must have for any kindergarten or first grade classroom.

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