Friday, November 16, 2012


A found poem from Lin Yutang…  

I like spring, 
but it is too young. 
I like summer, 
but it is too proud. 

So I like best of all 
because its tone is mellower, 
its colours are richer, 

and it is tinged 
with a little sorrow. 

Its golden richness 
speaks not 
of the innocence of spring, 
nor the power of summer, 

but of the mellowness 
and kindly wisdom 

of approaching age. 

It knows 
the limitations of life 
and its content.

-  Lin Yutang

POETRY FRIDAY is at Anastasia Suen's Booktalking.


Anastasia Suen said...

Great imagery in this one! Thaks for sharing!

Jone said...

I like this. Especially the contentness of autumn.

Linda B said...

Well, I wrote about how much I love winter today, Carol, but Autumn is the sweetest, with the color & the hint of briskness. I love those final lines, "It knows the limitations of life and its content." Thanks!