Monday, July 9, 2012


A couple of years ago, I reviewed Amy Hest's REMEMBERING MRS. ROSSI. This book, as you may remember, is the story of eight-year-old Annie Rossi, an only child who lives with her professor father and sixth grade teacher mother. Annie's mother dies, and Annie and her father must craft a new life for their new family. I loved MRS. ROSSI and thought it would be a perfect book to a child who lost a parent.

This weekend, at the library, I found LETTERS TO LEO, a new book featuring Annie Rossi. Annie has moved onto fourth grade, leaving her beloved third grade teacher, Miss Meadows, behind. And she's gotten a dog, Leo. The entire book- Annie's opinions about fourth grade, Annie's advice to Leo, her feelings about her elderly (forty year old!) father-  is told through letters, written from Annie to Leo.

I can picture my fourth graders really enjoying this book. There are lots of fourth gradish issues- loving a pet, leaving a beloved third grade teacher, adjusting to a new teacher, problems with friends. Annie writes poetry, including one really lovely poem about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with her mom. And the letters are short, not more than a couple of pages each, which makes this book perfect for just getting their reading legs underneath them.

Definitely one to add to your classroom library!

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Linda B said...

Both look so sweet, Carol. I will definitely check these out for my middle grade searching. Thanks!