Sunday, February 12, 2012

PLANT A KISS- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I'm a huge Amy Krouse Rosenthal fan- one of the first books I read out loud this year was THE WONDER BOOK, and now, almost six months later, it's a rare Poetry Friday when someone doesn't share a poem from THE WONDER BOOK. I also love, love, love THE DOT and ISH by Peter H. Reynolds. I was delighted, then, when I received an email asking if I wanted to review PLANT A KISS.

The book, as I expected, is really fun, a simple rhyming text, with Reynolds' typical black line illustrations and lots of pink and yellow glitter. Little Miss Plants a Kiss. Waits for it to sprout. Begins to doubt. Then is delighted when the kiss actually does sprout, and she can share the love with friends.

I can see using PLANT A KISS in lots of ways. First, whether your valentine is 6 or 60, I think the book would be an absolutely perfect Valentine's Day gift. Mary Lee suggested using the book in a study of themes and I could definitely see using it there. We are starting to work on idioms this week, and I think this book would be perfect for that too. Or I might use it to show how punctuation shapes a text. Or we might just read and enjoy it!
A winner on lots of levels!

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