Friday, April 17, 2009


I decided to try Tricia's poetry writing challenge this week…


I am a 
first year teacher.
We get one 
field trip
a year.

Principal and colleagues
give me advice.

If you do it right
they say,
you can
do the museum
in the morning
have lunch 
at City Park
then take in an
IMAX show
in the afternoon. 

I am all about 
doing it right.

That day
my six-year-olds,
marvel over
enormous dinosaur skeletons
google glowing crystals
wander through the digestive system
at the museum

They gobble pbj's 
run relays
blow bubbles
and splash
in  City Park Fountain.

They romp with dolphins
face off against sharks
try deep sea fishing
and nap a little
in the dark IMAX theater. 

Back at school
my world travelers
write or draw 
about their favorite part
of our special day. 

They loved
peering through
the museum's
ancient heat grates
at their friends
on the floor 

Carol Wilcox



Kyle said...

We know the same words, yet your words are like a Mary Cassatt canvas and mine is like the elephant that splaters paint on the canvas.

Thank you for sharing your work.

susan said...

Hilarious! I can imagine how fascinating heat grates are. Enjoyed this. Thank you.

Mary Lee said...

I'm just smiling.

This poem is so...TRUE.

Lisa Jenn said...

Aw, I want to go on a field trip with your class! I remember anything out of school walls, even if it was just a picnic on the school lawn, was an adventure.

Kelly Polark said...

That sounds like one fun day for kids and adults! It's funny what kids pick out as the fave part of the day!

Stephanie Parsley Ledyard said...

Hilarious. And so true! It's like buying the toy for a child, who then just wants to play with the box it came in. But it all adds up to a great experience for your lucky students!