Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My computer has been out of commission since last Tuesday, and in the shop since Thursday. I finally got it back this morning- PHEW! While I've totally missed being on line, and being able to post, check email, etc., I definitely have gotten some stuff done, e.g. housework and laundry (now if I would just get my act together and work on taxes). We are on spring break this week, so I've also gotten in some good reading time. Just finished THE WRITING ON MY FOREHEAD, a perfect escape for someone whose spring break is being spent far from the beach that she is longing for!

THE WRITING ON MY FOREHEAD is the story of Saira, a woman of Eastern Indian descent, whose parents emigrated to Los Angeles long before Saira was born. Her father is a doctor, and her mother, a stay-at-home mom who works hard to maintain the family's Indian/Pakistani heritage in a world far removed from where she was raised. Saira's older sister, Ameena, is comfortable with her mother's cultural expectations. Saira, however, is unwilling to live with her parents', and especially her mother's, rules from this faraway place.

THE WRITING ON MY FOREHEAD is a coming of age novel. When the book opens, Saira is an adult, caring for Ameena's six-year-old daughter, Sakina. The reader is quickly taken back to Saira's childhood and adolescent years, which include regular trips to the family's homeland, including one visit where Saira, travelling alone, learns new and surprising things about her family. Through these visits, the reader learns much about the history and traditions of India and Pakistan.

This was a perfect spring break read. A strong female character that I would like to have as a friend and want to know better. A story that allowed me to escape the noisy teenagers and bouncing basketballs in my own life. And lots and lots of information about a culture that is very different from my own. If you liked MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA or THE KITE RUNNER, you are sure to enjoy this book as well…


Lauren said...

Welcome back! I'll definitely pick that one up this summer.

Unknown said...

So glad your computer is back home! Very hard to be without one these days.
Love your book suggestion here - I think you just solved my dilemma in choosing our next Couples' Book Club title. Whew...and thank you soooooo much! xoxoxoxo Hugs from snowy Vail :)

Mary Lee said...

Welcome back! Happy Spring Break!