Monday, March 9, 2009


It's been really fun to read people's comments about creating book stepladders for kids. I think, if I knew what I was doing, I could create a sidebar link, but I just have to figure out how. Until I do that, I guess I will update it this way. People had some great ideas today. Here are the latest and greatest updated lists:

Junie B.- Junie B., Moxy Maxwell, Judy Moody, Clementine, Ruby Lu (Oohh, I love when I hear about books I don't know at all), Amber Brown, Ramona

Male version of Junie B.- Stink, Marvin Redpost, Zac Files, Jake Drake, Alvin Ho

Captain Underpants- Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Just! (Andy Griffiths' series), Diary of a Part Time Indian

Friendship- Frog and Toad, Pinky and Rex, Ivy and Bean

Dog Books- Henry and Mudge, Down Girl and Sit series (I don't know either of these), Leanin' Dog, Where the Red Fern Grows

Fantasy- Time Warp Trio, Billy Hooten Owl Boy, Gregor the Overlander, Atheron, Percy Jackson (series), House of Rowan (series)

Mystery- A to Z mysteries, James Patterson

Sports- Matt Christopher, Dan Gutman, Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time, Mike Lupica

Keep sending your ideas and I will keep updating the lists. I will also try to figure out, soon, how to do the lists as a sidebar link (if that is what you call them- remember I'm still a little slow in the hip and with-it department!)


Lauren said...

Friendship: Elephant and Piggie (Willems)
Mysteries: Cam Jansen, Bailey School
Junie B.: Allie Finkle series

Where does Bunnicula fit? (animal fiction or fantasy?)

mizliberryan said...

I love this stepladders idea. One note of caution, in case you haven't finished "...Part Time Indian". I really, really like the book, but I'm thinking it's definitely young adult. There is a very descriptive (and funny) section on the many pleasures of self gratification.