Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been a little lax in the blogging department this week. I have been busy with other important stuff:
  • Coordinating the testing schedule and materials for CSAP, our state assessment (the absolute least favorite part of my job, which I will not blog about, because I would probably get fired).
  • Researching remedies for plantar fascitis (sp?) so that my eighth grader can continue playing basketball and also play in a new high school development football league.
  • Helping my high school son complete two ten-page grammar packets, including an African American history word search that took us approximately one hour to complete.
  • Chasing my two four-footed Houdinis around the neighborhood. They have gotten out of the yard twice in the last week! Thankfully, they were found by some dog angels and I didn't have to pay pound fees.
As I struggle through life in the slow lane, my smart friend, Lauren, has been doing some really big thinking. I love her post about remembering the "important stuff." Head over to Pictures, Words, and Wisdom and check it out!

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Mary Lee said...

My week of life in the for-real slow lane is about to end. I actually think I'm ready to go back to cold, damp, frantic-busy HOME!