Friday, July 27, 2018


Parsons Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine

Last week I was on vacation. Four days with dear friends in New Hampshire. Three days in a fabulous class, "The Power of Narrative," with Tom Newkirk, Kelly Gallagher, and Penny Kittle, and then three days soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean at a beautiful little beach in Maine. After I came back, Ralph emailed me (or wrote a comment on my Facebook page). I have been thinking about that line all week. Last night and this morning, I tried to make it into a golden shovel poem. Not sure I was totally successful, I had trouble with the lines that ended with "I" and "you."

Mermaid Dreams

I am fairly certain that
will soon become a mermaid, or at least I hope
that might be true. You 
might also consider this possibility, soaked 
in sand, sun, sea spray, the 
peace and power of the beach
travelling into 
the pores of your 
tired soul and healing your world worn heart.

Carol Wilcox

Catherine, at Reading to the Core, is hosting Poetry Friday. You'll definitely want to stop by- she's giving away a copy of Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong's latest collection, GREAT MORNING: POEMS FOR SCHOOL LEADERS TO READ ALOUD.  


Irene Latham said...

Dear Carol, I think you ARE a mermaid, you and your world worn heart! Great job! I have only written a few Golden Shovels, and I am very choosy about the striking line... first rule for me: no "and"s in the line. (I have a thing against lines of poetry ending in "and"!) I"m glad you got some R&R with friends... and learning-time, too!

Linda B said...

Oh, Carol, your trip offering different pleasures sounds wonderful and your poem is lovely, that thought of being a mermaid and healing the 'world worn heart' gives me a way to think about our ocean trip, too. Indeed being at the sea is wonderful.

Tara said...

The perfect poem to capture the time you enjoyed! That class sounds like heaven...I'll have to make it happen for myself some day.

Jone said...

Excellent shovel. I hope you shared with Ralph. Lucky you for attending a workshop that brought the mermaid out in you.

Catherine Flynn said...

Your vacation sounds heavenly and your poem is stunning! Yes, the beach has the power to heal our "world worn" hearts. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Lee said...

I'm glad you took care of yourself and accessed your inner mermaid!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

You were more than successful. You slayed. Your golden shovel is beautiful. You captured the essnce of the beach.

Sally Murphy said...

Wonderful shovel, and it sounds like a wonderful holiday. I love "healing your world worn heart' . This certainly what the beach does for me.

Kathryn Apel said...

That shovel is golden indeed, like the sun, sand and tans at the beach. So refreshing!

Ruth said...

Wow, this is lovely!

Michelle Kogan said...

You've sung your "mermaid" song exquisitely thanks for the highs and lows–lovely!

Ramona said...

Your golden shovel poem is the best. Love thinking about the peace and power of the beach healing you! I'm green with envy that you were at a workshop with Tom Newkirk, Kelly Gallagher, and Penny Kittle. Hoping for a future blog post about your learning.