Sunday, December 3, 2017

I'VE GOT FEET: FANTASTIC FEET OF THE ANIMAL WORLD by Julie Murphy, illustrated by Hannah Tolson

Christmas is coming. I need to get sweet Esveidy's box in the mail this week. Of course, the first thing that I put in the box will be books. Is there anything else? Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day at the Denver Public Library reading CYBILS nominations. I'VE GOT FEET is a book I will be purchasing for Esveidy. It's a terrific nonfiction book for the primary set- engaging pictures, not too long, interesting information…

The book starts out:
Animal feet can walk, run, and kick.They can climb, jump, and dig. 
Some feet swim, some catch food.What a lot of things animal feet can do!
After that, each two page spread features a different animal, some more typical and some unusual-- a cheetah, zebra, duck, gecko, koala, penguin, red kangaroo, great horned own, spade foot toads, chimpanzees. The left side of each spread is the animal "talking." The right side is an interesting fact. Here are a few examples:
Left page: I've got KICKING feet
My back feet sure pack a punch. They help me to avoid becoming  a lion's next meal. 
Right page:  Zebra feet kick so hard they can break a lion's jaw.  

Left page: I've got BLUE feet.
I show them off by stepping high. 
Right  page: Male blue footed boobies show off to attract females.
Those with the bluest feet are chosen first.

Left page: I've got DEADLY feet!
My fierce feet have awesome claws that can catch all kinds of creatures for food. 
Right page: Great horned owl feet are so powerful they can even snatch up skunks, which are almost three times heavier than the owl.

I know Miss E's going to love this one! And so will a lot of other kids and teachers!

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jan godown annino said...

Hi Carol. This makes me want to hotfoot it to the library to see about this book. Or, ask them to order it.
I wondering if there are entries for the feet of certain creatures I am keen on.
This sounds like a creative, fun way to share nature with kiddos.
Appreciations for this.