Wednesday, September 27, 2017

PATINA- Jason Reynolds

Patina. The fastest girl on her track team. A "raisin in milk," an African America middle schooler at an affluent Anglo school. Father passed away. A mom who can't care for her daughters because diabetes has forced her to have her legs amputated, and then undergo weekly dialysis. Lives with her "kind-of" family- her dad's brother, his wife, Emily, who Patina calls Momly. Feels responsible for her younger sibling, Maddy.

Reynolds dedicates this book to "those who have been passed the baton way too soon." I know too many of those kids- caring for younger siblings, working on weekends to help pay the family bills, worrying about family members being deported or jailed. I'll be handing this book off to one of those kids today. I'm really glad Jason Reynolds has written it...

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Mary Lee said...

Next up on my pile!