Thursday, August 10, 2017


Earlier this summer, I read "The Death of Reading is Threatening the Soul," by Phillip Yancey. I found the article really troubling and and have been thinking about it ever since. I decided to put together a list of books that captures some of the reasons that I read. 

Books bring me joy. 

Plastic dinosaurs wreak havoc throughout a classroom. 

How-to text, each page features a different scene throughout the school year. 
Considering using this one as a mentor text with third or fourth graders for our first writing/creating project the first day of school. 

Kate and Jim McMullan

Kate and Jim McMullan, the authors of I STINK, I'M DIRTY, I'M BRAVE 
(and lots more) are back with a story about a school bus.

Books help me understand myself. 

For anyone who has ever tried out the diving board or faced a fear.

Books teach me how to treat others.

A beautiful wordless picture book about two strangers that build a tree house and become friends. 

Emily Pearson

A girl's small kindness creates a chain reaction in the world around her. 
I thought this was brand new, evidently it's a re-release of a book originally published about 15 years ago. Pair this with EACH KINDNESS

Books help me understand other perspectives. 

Perfect to think about perspective or introduce a unit on persuasive writing. 

Lane Smith

Short and funny, but also a terrific message about the impact our actions have on those around us. 

Books are a window into other times and places.

An Italian child is forced to leave a much loved sculpture and immigrate to New York when his family's safety is threatened by World War II. Be sure to read the author's note. 

Francesca Sanna

I'll be using this book with our middle schoolers, who begin the year with a unit on immigration.


Lisa Maucione said...

Great list. I need to check out That Neighbor Kid. I also have Renato and the Lion on my list. A beautiful and touching book.

Mary Lee said...

Great theme/list! Lots are new to me! Library tab is open for reserves!!!

Linda B said...

Hi Carol, terrific list. I have A Perfect Day on mine, too. I know some of these, love that the middle schoolers will study immigration and loved The Journey, too. Thanks for Ordinary Mary, new to me. And I need to find Jabari Jumps! Imi changes school this year and your "school" books will be good for her!

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for the terrific list. I'm Smart has been added to my to-order list.
Apples with Many Seeds

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for the terrific list. I've added I'm Smart to my to-order list.
Apples with Many Seeds

Ramona said...

Great list! I'm off to request several titles - Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Day, The Journey, and Renato and the Lion.

Lori Sabo said...

Thanks for the list. I added a couple of these to my "read these" list.

Cathy said...

Love, love, love, this list. Now to go read that article. Always glad to see you join the conversation. I love stopping by.