Friday, February 24, 2017


Last week, I shared WINTER, WINTER, COLD AND SNOW, and talked about how much I love putting poetry into the hearts and mouths of my littlest readers. This week's book will be a perfect companion to WINTER, WINTER, and will also be a terrific addition to your nonfiction animal collection.

April Pulley Sayre's SQUIRRELS LEAP, SQUIRRELS SLEEP is a poetic picture book. The body of the book is quick rhymes,  focused on different aspects of squirrels. The rhymes are short and sweet, and contain just enough information to whet the reader's whistle for more.

Meet the squirrels
Grey. Fox. Red.
Flying squirrel

Tall umbrella
Tail as flag.
Tail for balance,
zig and zag.

Squirrels chirp.
Squirrels drink.
Can you guess
What squirrels think?

The book also includes several pages of  terrific nonfiction back matter, where kids can learn more about squirrels. I could see myself using this to talk about how writers have to do research, how poets and scientists are both researchers, etc.

And then, as an added bonus, SQUIRRELS LEAP, SQUIRRELS SLEEP is illustrated by the ever wonderful Steve Jenkins! Need I say more??!

Karen Edmisten, a lucky duck who is anticipating a snow day,  is hosting Poetry Friday today.


Brenda at FriendlyFairyTales said...

Another great book! I'll look for it.

JoAnn Early Macken said...

Thanks for the glimpse of SQUIRRELS LEAP, SQUIRRELS SLEEP and the poetic descriptions of squirrel life! I'm a big fan of April Pulley Sayre's books, and I look forward to reading this one!

Jane @ said...

Fun, informational poetry illustrated by Steve Jenkins?! This sounds amazing!! I live beside a large park that's filled with very confident squirrels who will happily crawl up your leg if you're sitting on a park bench, so anything with squirrels is right up my alley. :-)

Molly Hogan said...

April Pulley Sayre and Steve Jenkins--what a fantastic combination!

BJ Lee said...

I love a book that's all about squirrels. Is it a picture book poetry collection?

Tara said...

This looks like a lovely book, Carol - makes me feel rather fondly of those rascally squirrels!

KatApel - said...

This sounds like a joyful collection to put some bop into your day.

Linda B said...

I imagine others may not like squirrels because of the damage they can do, but I love to watch them, and loved this book, Carol. You're right, it is just right for younger children learning about the animals they see every day.

Kay said...

What a great book! Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of using it to teach research--for both scientists and poets.

Alice Nine said...

I love books that pair expository text and poetry. Just added this one to my shopping cart. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mandy said...

This looks like a winner! I love the phrase back matter for informational text within another genre. Thanks for the insight.

Whispers from the Ridge said...

Can't wait to read this one, Carol! Kids will love it!