Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So we have been working on opinion writing with our first graders.

They have lots of opinions on a variety of topics- authors, cafeteria food, how much recess they should have, how much television, what time they should go to bed.

They are not as good at the reasons for their opinions. Yesterday, one little friend wrote that she liked to ride her bike because it was fun. And funner, And you could have fun.

When I met with the first grade team yesterday, we decided we needed to work on reasons.

Luz, the ELA-S teacher, had tried something the week before and said it really helped her kids. She chose photographs that represented their supporting details. Then she put the photographs on a chart, and the six year olds used them to help them think about their reasons.

First grade is going to the zoo in a couple of weeks, and we decided we would try Luz' activity with an opinion piece about the zoo. We brainstormed a list of reasons- various animals, the carousel, the train, duck lake, the reptile house, snacks, etc., and found/drew pictures of all of those things.

The kids did really well. Using the pictures, hey chose reasons and talked and  wrote beautifully.

My favorite reason, though, was one we had never thought of.

Thomas is looking forward to the class about the lions. If you are very careful, he tells us,  you can put two fingers out and pet the lions very gently.

I can't wait to try it.


Svalter said...

This piece just made me smile! I love the perspective kids bring to life. I hope the zoo trip goes well (and no one loses any fingers in the lion exhibit!).

The Purple Lady said...

Zoo trips are so fun! I always get a ton of writing ideas!

Kristi Lonheim said...

I want to live in a world that focuses on fun, funner, and more fun. :) I also appreciate seeing where your students are and coming up with ways to nudge them forward - especially if it involves them being excited about it.