Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The questions started at 8:30 this morning, with my first kindergarten reading group.

"Dr. Carol," she says anxiously, "do you think we are missing the party?"

"No, sweetie, the party is at 2:00. That's after math, and after recess and after lunch and after specials. You're not missing the party."

We read for a few more minutes, then with a five year old's sense of time, she asks again.

"Are you sure?" she says anxiously. "Maybe they are doing cards. I didn't get a chance to do my cards yet."

"Sweetie, there will be lots of time for cards. Cards are this afternoon. We are only going to read for a few minutes, then you can go back in and do your cards."

We return to our book. We read a few more pages.

"They might be having candy. I brought candy," she says anxiously. "I need to go back inside."

I assure her, once again, that they are not having candy or anything else, for quite a while. She asks, more than once, if I am sure. Finally, at 8:50, I give up, and the group of three returns to the class.

After all, no one wants to miss cards. Or candy.


Linda B said...

Ingrid was sick Monday and yesterday, and so sad to miss Valentine's Day stuff. I love your slice, shows how sweet those little ones are. I bet she was happy to get back to the cards and candy!

Mandy said...

I knew right away this sweet story was about Valentine's Day! I don't know if you gave up - I think you gave her what she needed right then!

Ramona said...

No one wants to miss cards or candy! Love the way you used dialogue in this post to capture the wistful yearning of a kindergartener.

Laura said...

I love how you captured the innocence of kids. Adults are similar in their anticipation, they're just better at controlling the question asking.