Sunday, January 3, 2016

AN AMBUSH OF TIGERS- Betsy Rosenthal

I love books that encourage kids to develop a fascination with words. AN AMBUSH OF TIGERS is definitely one of those books. In this rhyming picture book, author Betsy Rosenthal presents collective nouns in a way that kids are sure to enjoy. Did you know that a group of tigers is called an ambush? That giraffes come in towers? Rhinos in crashes? Leopards in leaps? Sharks in shivers? Porcupines in prickles? There are thirty-three different animal groups for kids to enjoy.

Does an ambush of tigers
quietly creep
past a bed of oysters
that snores in its sleep? 
Do leaps of lizards
jump into trees
while armies of herring
march in the seas?

And when all these animals
receive an invitation
to come together
for a huge celebration 
Would you call it a mob?
A sea? A crowd?
Whatever it is
it sure is LOUD!
Back matter includes a glossary.

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