Tuesday, October 6, 2015


My son drops me off at school at what he describes as the "butt crack of dawn"- 5:58 a.m. to be exact. My first meeting is at 7 and I have a lot to do before that.

Zay totaled his car earlier this summer and has been living with the consequences ever since. Mostly, he rides his bike. Every once in a while, if it's for something really important, I let him borrow my car.

Today I let him borrow my car.

It's for something really important.

He has a job interview at 10:00. Rain is in the forecast and he doesn't want to arrive at his interview wet, so I let him use my car.

This has been a long hard year for him. In January, he made the decision to quit college and give up his life long love of football. Since then, he has been through a long string of bad decisions and hard luck. He lived with me from January until March, and then I kicked both he and his brother out, because both boys were making such poor choices.

He lived with his younger brother's biological father for a few weeks, then moved in with an older  brother.

He got a job, then lost a job.

He moved back home.

He went with a friend to California and totaled his car.

He lost his iPhone.

He broke his computer.

And he was hospitalized twice, the last time for 2.5 weeks.

He came home last Tuesday. And now he has a job interview for a courtesy clerk position at a nearby grocery store.

I am antsy all morning, thinking about him, wondering about him.

At 11:30 I cannot stand it any more. I text him. How'd it go.

He texts back. It went well.

I text again. What did they say?

Forty-five minutes later, I still have not heard. I take my phone to recess duty. The phone rings almost right away.

I got a job.

He is thrilled. And I am thrilled for him.

When he picks me up, I get the details.

He starts tomorrow at 10. The company will provide uniforms.  He had to take a drug test.

I ask if he will pass it. He says he will. I pray that is true.

It's about time for him to start turning his ship around.


Chris said...

Carol - yes!! Time for the tides to turn and his ship to be back on course. Such awesome news! May all go well.

Linda B said...

I'm happy that some wonderful thing just happened for him, Carol, & for you, too. Hurrah for Zay, keeping on!

Ramona said...

Wonderful news! So happy for both of you. I agree with Zay. Being dropped off at school before 6 a.m. is too early!

elsie said...

Crossing my fingers for you that life is getting back on track for your boy. Life has taught some hard lessons.

Laura Lynn Benson said...

Praying that the job supports his growth. Much love yo you all xox