Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Thursday afternoon.
Snow and twenty degrees in Denver. 
I do lunch duty, tie up a few odds and ends,
then head to the airport.
The ocean is waiting.

Two hour delay.
It is dark when we arrive in San Diego.
Friday morning I wake early. 
Watch for the first traces of light. 
The ocean is waiting.

My travel companions are still sleeping.
I slip out a back door.
Climb the stairs to a bern.
And see
 the ocean.


Linda B said...

Sounds like a very lovely place to be! Glad you wrote and shared the pic! See you!

Ramona said...

Carol, I love this. What a treat for you to escape the snow! So glad the ocean was waiting for you.

elsie said...

Warmth and escape from snow, can it get any better?

Tara said...

Oh, my! We are weighed down by ice and now...but I am imagining you in sunshine, walking the beach and listening to the ocean. Enjoy!!

Jackie said...

This makes many of us snowed in this winter wishing that we can join you! Nice picture.

Karen said...

What a beautiful view! Enjoy your time in San Diego. That blue sky and ocean view is stunning!

Unknown said...

Your slice makes me really want to be somewhere warm, lounging on the beach!

Nanc said...

I loved San Diego...and this scene of the landmark hotel. I forgot its name. Have a fantastic time. xo said...

WOW - I love this slice on SO MANY LEVELS! Cold morphing to warmth and the promise of the sunshine!

Mary Lee said...

Wait..WHAT? San Diego? Sand ye a go-go? LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!

Carol said...

My school is part of a project called SAMS, under the umbrella of the National School Improvement Project. They have a terrific conference every January- it was a quick trip, we were in SD from late Thursday night until early morning on Sunday. It was chilly, but oh so great to be by the ocean.