Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IF I STAY- Gayle Forman

Have you ever read a book, thinking it was brand new, and then discovered, when you got to the end, that it wasn't? That's what happened to me this week. I had read about IF I STAY by Gayle Forman, on Twitter or Facebook. I requested it from the library. I waited almost a month for it to come. And then it came. I read it (actually devoured it)  in one afternoon.  And then discovered, when I went to look up the author that not only is the book not new, but that there is already a sequel. Which I will be requesting from the library today.

IF I STAY is the story of Mia, a high school cellist. Mia is not one of those kids who especially fits in at the high school, but she has a loving family, a boyfriend in a punk rock band, and a best friend who loves photography as much as Mia loves music. Then a tragedy happens to Mia's family and she has to decide whether or not she wants to continue living.

I read this book thinking I might want to give it to some of my middle school girls. Not sure I would share it with the sixth or seventh graders, but I can definitely see handing it to an eighth grade reader, especially someone who hadn't yet discovered that they liked to read. It's a perfect mixture of high school friendship, love, tragedy, and suspense, one of those books that would hook a reader in the first chapter.

And now I have to go look for the second one, because I also know that kids who read this are going to ask, "Do you have any more books like this one?"

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