Friday, August 10, 2012

Picture Books for Big Kids

Today was Picture Book 10 for 10. All over kidlitosphere, people posted  their favorite picture books. Even though it's getting close to the end of the day, it's still Friday in Colorado, so I thought I would post ten of my fourth graders' favorite picture books.

Last August, I had kids that read from first grade to high school. I wanted some books that honored ALL of my readers. Mo was that guy and THERE IS A BIRD ON YOUR HEAD! was our favorite. Can't even tell you how many times I read and reread these books.

A fun fractured fairy tale!

Steve Jenkins is a Colorado author and illustrator who does fabulous collage nonfiction. JUST A SECOND is one of his newest books. There are about twenty illustrations on each page, and I introduced this book to my kids thinking I would read one or two pages, then leave it for them to read. Nothing doing! They made me read every word on every page! We also loved BONES, and DOWN, DOWN, DOWN and NEVER SMILE AT A MONKEY and…

Shane Evans uses so few words, but conveys such a powerful story! Great for talking about mood and tone!

Another short and amazingly powerful text that traces African American history in the United States. We also loved, loved, loved Kadir Nelson's HEART AND SOUL- it has beautiful illustrations but it's pretty long to be considered a picture book. 

The Titanic is always a winner with kids. My kids were especially fascinated by the digitally enhanced illustrations in this book. They also loved TITANIC SINKS by Barry Denenberg.

My kids loved Nic Bishop's glorious photography. They also loved  his author's notes- where he tells the stories of how he got different pictures.

We came across the legend of John Henry in a test prep exercise in February. My kids were fascinated by this story, so I shared Julius Lester's Caldecott winning edition of the book, then remembered that I had a great nonfiction picture book (OK, kind of a long picture book) about a historian who researched the actual character behind this legend. We  loved "looking over Nelson's shoulder" as he solved the mystery.  They also loved MAMMOTHS AND MASTODONS, which follows the work of a paleontologist.

A book that is remarkable in story and craft!

Head over to  Reflect & Refine: Building a Learning Community, and Mandy, at Enjoy and Embrace Learning to see the other lists! People were super creative this year!


Linda B said...

Hi Carol, you shared some books I'm not familiar with, so thank you. I don't know Steve Jenkins at all, so will look him up. And the book Beatitudes looks good as well. I love City Dog, Country Frog, a fun story. And of course, Mo Willems is such a delight no matter what book. Thanks, I'm glad you posted!

Mary Lee said...

A brilliant list, beginning and ending with Mo, the master of the craft of picture books!

Christina said...

I,too, read elephant and piggies to my big kids! Fifth graders love them!

Tammy Flanders said...

What a tremendous list. I love the look of Once Upon a Motocycle Dude and will look to add it to the Doucette Library's collection.
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