Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm playing around with my blog.
What, if anything, do I want it to become?
For the next couple of weeks, I hope,
I'm going to experiment with some different things.
Today's challenge is Slice of Life.
I did that last year, but only in March,
when you "slice" away every day.
Some people have continued every Tuesday.
But not me.
Today I am starting again.

My word for 2012 is "Savor."
I want to savor every minute
especially with my guys
who will be gone way, way, way too soon.

On Sunday
I started.
Sunday we went to the Broncos game.
I'm a long time Bronco fan
but I have only actually been to three games
because tickets are super expensive.
And I am a single mom
trying to feed and clothe two ginormous
teenage boys.

But this week we actually got to go.
Brian Dawkins, one of the Bronco players,
gives an award every week
to a high school player who has overcome adversity.
My boys won the award
And so we got to go to the game.

Actually, not only did we get to go to the game,
we got preseason passes
to go down on the field
and watch the pre game warm up
right there
where we could see the players' fancy cleats
and head phones
and watch them stretch out
and then we had amazing seats,
eight rows from the field,
on the twenty yard line,
right by where the players came out onto the field
and in close proximity
(to my boys' delight)
to the Bronco cheerleaders
and then afterwards,
we got to go into the family waiting area
and meet Brian Dawkins
and the boys got to talk to him for almost half an hour.

Now my life with teenagers
is always a little lumpy and bumpy.
The game was on Sunday, January 1st,
And Saturday night was New Year's Eve.
And of course the boys had to go out with their friends.
And of course they didn't sleep much. If at all.
So they were a teeny bit grumpy.
And it was pretty cold.
Although not nearly as cold as it could have been.

And of course even though I said dress in layers
and even made several suggestions
as to what the layers might include
no one wanted to dress in layers
or help carry the blankets
I lugged all over the stadium.
Note: One child did actually use a blanket
after I had watched goosebumps form on his neck
for an entire half.

And of course there was one Kansas City fan
sitting right in front of us
who had altered his #15 jersey
so it said T-Blow
and he had evidently had partaken of some adult beverages
and spent the entire first half
arguing with another young gentleman
sitting directly behind us
who had also evidently partaken of adult beverages
and the guest relations guy
had to come several times
and tell them to stop
arguing with each other.

And of course the boys
didn't want anyone to know
they were with
the short chubby lady
lugging the blankets
and at one point
after the game
but before we met Brian Dawkins
I completely lost them
In a sea of 75,068 people
and had to resort to text messages
to track them down
so I could give them their passes
and we could go down on the field
to meet Brian.

And of course one son got mad at me
because I laughed
because a really cute little g
four year old fashionista
wearing a white fur coat
and a mini skirt
and leggings
and black boots
was totally smitten with my son
and followed him around the player waiting area
standing directly in front of him
and craning her neck
to gaze adoringly into his eyes
for about ten minutes.

And of course after
we had an amazing conversation with Brian Dawkins
and he said
"Do you take good care of your mom?'
The boys left me
to walk the half mile back to the car
by myself
in a pretty questionable part of town
in the dark
because they were cold
and wanted to jog
and I couldn't go as fast as them
partly because they are in much better shape
but also because I was still lugging the blankets.

But I ignored all of the above.
And just concentrated

on savoring.

Because my boys

and amazing

and they are going to be gone soon

and I will miss them.


elsie said...

Welcome back to SOL! What an incredible experience ( even if it was cold). Savor is such a cool word. I find myself using it often when I want to prolong the experience. So it is perfect as you boys are growing up and eventually away.

Elisa said...

Wow! What a touching story. I'm glad you're back to slicing. It's these slices about our children that we need to remember because, as you say, it all happens way too fast and then they're gone to live their own lives. If someone had told me this when my kids were little maybe I would have slowed down long enough to enjoy it more or maybe not. Maybe what we enjoy is what we're able to at the time. In any case, it's never too late to savor.

Greta said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing that rich, crumbly, bittersweet slice of your life.

Ruth Ayres said...

Welcome back, Carol. :)

What an amazing slice. You capture it all, but mostly how much they mean to you...and how much you mean to them.

Congrats on the award. That's big. Really big. I'm sure you're proud.

I'm glad you sliced today,

Linda B said...

It's nice to see you in the slicing too Carol, along with all the other posts you do. I imagine that your OLW helped you on Sunday, doing such a good thing & overcoming some other feelings that may have wanted to emerge. To savor the good things instead of dwelling on the others is positive for sure. I like the way you wrote your slice in poem form, moving us through the day, which was something really special because of all the perks that your sons won. Looking forward to seeing you in OLW stuff.

Deb Day said...

Welcome back. This is such a great slice. Just spent the weekend with my own two sons--you are right. They will be gone before you know it, so enjoy them now!

Tam said...

I like your word Savor. It's much like my OLW because it's stopping and treasuring/appreciating what is happening now. Your big boys are fortunate to have a mom who can find the good and humor in life inspite of everything. Keep slicing as many Tuesdays as you can. It will become part of you eventually. I enjoyed how you set up your little story in verse.

Michelle said...

Carol, I love the story you tell as well. The ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ins and outs of being a mom. My girls are only 1 and a half, but I'm wondering where the last year even went?!?!

Savor is a great OLW. Savor each moment. Each moment that holds a feeling and leaves a strong taste in your mouth -- good or bad! Ugh! Thanks for sharing and savoring in the moment! I'm glad you are back slicing ... I'll never forget about your "parenting manual" slice! You had me hooked!