Friday, September 23, 2011


As a teacher, I have long marveled at bathroom issues. Schools that make teachers take group bathroom breaks. Schools that don't allow group bathroom breaks. Kids that want to go every five minutes. Kids that wait until the last possible second and then have to run all the way down the hall. Kids that ask to of and don't come back until you send a search party. Kids that can make their own private water parks in five minutes or less. Kids that create art galleries or anatomy lessons on bathroom walls with a single half-broken red crayon…

And now children's poet Kalli Dakos has written an entire book of bathroom poems!

Some of the poems are silly…
"Meet Me in the Bathroom"
Meet me in the bathroom,
right at two o'clock.
You leave your class,
I'll leave mine
we'll have a chance to talk…"

"Trapped in the Bathroom"
I'm trapped in the bathroom.
What rotten luck!
Right at recess,
with a door that is stuck…"

"The Bathroom Dance"
cross our legs,
hold our pants,
we all know,
the Bathroom Dance!"

Some of the poems are serious…
"Laughing Machine"
Jarrod says my nose
is big enough for two heads,
so I go to the bathroom
to check…"

"There Should be a Place Kids Can Go"
There should be a place
kids can go
when life has dealt
another blow…"

I think these are all poems that kids are going to love! Can't wait to share them with my fourth graders at our Poetry Friday meeting this morning.

Poetry Friday is at Anastasia Suen's Picture Book of the Day.


Linda B said...

I teach middle school aged students, and am often amused at the girls strolling arm in arm to the bathroom, giggling and talking all the way for their 'break'. I wonder what these older kids would write if I proposed the topic! Cute book and poems.

david elzey said...

brilliant! the bathroom is the communal secret clubhouse kids love, either to visit or avoid! looks like a fun read

Anastasia Suen said...

This is just right for 4th grade! They will love it!

Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday this week!

:-) Anastasia

GatheringBooks said...

All the poems sound fun and glorious - things that children can and will resonate with. The illustrations seem whimsical enough to match the poetry as well. Will add this to my list of books-to-borrow from the library. :)

Ruth said...

This book sounds like a must-have!