Sunday, September 18, 2011


I adore pretty much anything Loren Long writes and/or illustrates- MR PEABODY'S APPLES and OF THEE I SING are two of my favorites. I also love OTIS, partly, I think, because it reminds me of MIKE MULLIGAN'S STEAM SHOVEL, a book I absolutely loved as a child.

Today I was at the bookstore investing another chunk of my life's savings in series chapter books for my fourth grade classroom. Wandered over to the picture book section and found Loren Long's newest book, OTIS AND THE TORNADO.

Otis and his friends are enjoying a day on the farm, when the weather changes. The humans heads for shelter in an underground tornado shelter, and Otis bravely breaks open the barns and corrals and leads all of the animals to safety at the lowest point on the farm. They have no sooner gotten settled when Otis hears a cry of fear. It is from the Bull, the meanest, unfriendliest animal on the farm, who is still trapped in his pen. Should Otis risk his life to go back and free the most feared animal on the farm?

A great story about risk taking and courage and friendship!

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