Friday, June 11, 2010


We are, allegedly, moving this weekend.
I love, love, love our new house.
I love, love, love our new neighborhood.
I can't wait to be settled.
To not make the 30 mile roundtrip back and forth to town
Umpteen time a week
But right now
The whole move thing
is feeling a teeny bit

"That Will to Divest"

you've swept
the shelves
of spoons
and plates
you kept
for guests
it gets harder
not to also
simplify the larder…

Kay Ryan

Read the rest of the poem here.

POETRY FRIDAY is hosted by Kelly Polark who has a lovely "Welcome Summer" poem.


Mary Lee said...

I certainly wouldn't want to move, but I do love the lightening of the load that comes with sorting and pitching. I cleared three huge bags of 1980s clothes out of my closet yesterday. And no, I'm not going shopping for more today!!!

Katie Dicesare said...

Thinking about you as you move Carol! Lots of work but it sounds like you have lots to look forward to! Good Luck.

Author Amok said...

Good luck with the move. Ryan's poems describes why I hate cleaning house -- cleaning the drawers leads to cleaning the silverware, leads too...I'd rather divest myself of the job!

Kelly Polark said...

Good luck with your move and many happy years in your new home!